The greatest quarterback of all time for each team: NFC South

Folks, we’re getting into the part of the year where sports slow down. Football is especially dead. So in order to cope with that we make these random lists and we have debates on who is the greatest.

In this series we will look at each NFL team and rank their greatest quarterback in franchise history.

We’ve already done the NFC North quarterbacks and the NFC East quarterbacks.

Next up is the NFC South. This division has had a ton of parity but just two teams have won a Super Bowl from this division (Tampa Bay & New Orleans) and each of those teams has only one it once.

It’s also the division where all of the team’s alternates/color rush jerseys look better than their actual home uniforms.

That being said, there’s been some electric quarterbacks to come through this division so let’s get to the list!

brees saints

New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees

You can go ahead and file this one under the “no brainer” category on this list. I could go on for paragraphs on end talking about how great Drew Brees is but at the end of the day these few stats do all of the talking:

  • He’s the NFL’s all time passing yards leader with 74,437 yards
  • He’s second all time in passing touchdowns with 520
  • He’s set to break Peyton Manning’s record of 539 as early as next season.
  • Tom Brady is right behind Drew Brees with 517 touchdowns meaning they’ll be jockeying for first place up until they retire
  • He’s the NFL’s all time leader in completion percentage at 67.3%

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter who else played quarterback for the Saints (the only other player worth mentioning is Archie Manning) because the chance that they’ll be better than Drew Brees is slim to none.

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Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan

Some people will be angry that I chose Matt Ryan over Michael Vick but it’s a no brainer to me. For starters, Michael Vick’s entire NFL career will be tainted with the dog fighting scandal that landed him prison time.

Aside from that, I can’t give a guy who had a 56.2% completion percentage for his career this honor over a guy like Matt Ryan who has virtually every single Atlanta Falcons passing record.

I’m not even the biggest Matt Ryan fan. I’ve said that after the colossal collapse in Super Bowl 51 that the Atlanta Falcons should have fired everyone on that team and started the rebuild process because you can’t recover from that.

That being said, in terms of who the greatest quarterback in Falcons history is this one is completely easy. Michael Vick was way more fun to watch but Matt Ryan is a better quarterback.

Image result for brad johnson buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Brad Johnson

If you want to look at a team that doesn’t know how to manage quarterbacks look no further than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have pretty much failed miserably in that category.

The best quarterback they drafted was Steve Young but they ultimately traded him away to San Francisco because the organization was so dysfunctional that they couldn’t use his talents properly.

But let’s talk about their GOAT quarterback, Brad Johnson. No, he doesn’t lead the franchise in any passing categories. He only ended up playing there for four total seasons.

His competition for this award is so bad that it’s basically a three-way tie of garbage between Johnson, Vinny Testaverde, and Jameis Winston.  Ties go to the quarterback who put a Lombardi trophy in the case. Brad Johnson is your winner.

Image result for cam newton fumble

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton

Luckily for Cam, this award isn’t based off of heart or leadership. It’s based off of quarterbacking skills and nobody who has played for the Panthers organization is better than Cam at playing quarterback.

I wish Cam was a better leader. I wish he dove for fumbles when the Super Bowl was on the line. I wish he didn’t make himself a distraction. All of that stuff takes away from how good of a quarterback he is.

He’s the best in Carolina Panthers franchise history and you could argue that he’s been a top ten quarterback in many of the seasons that he’s played in.