On the inspiration behind GOS’ latest podcast, Our Right of Revolution, which led to the creation of another podcast called Rant of the Week

Here at Grand Old Sports, I think it’s fairly easy to see that Trevor has done a great job of recruiting a diverse pool of passionate, intelligent contributors. And as you could probably tell from the first episode of Our Right of Revolution, I’m certainly no different.

With that said, I wanted to share a few things about why I started Our Right of Revolution. But before I come to you with a white paper of sorts, which will be coming in the near future, I thought I would address another aspect of the podcast’s purpose: to reach the massive amount of American citizens who simply never make it to the voting booth.

With this project in mind, Trevor and I decided that I should also start sharing some of my many political rants that can be found elsewhere on the internet, in places such as my social media accounts and Facebook in particular.

We’re excited about this project, but in considering the material, we also realized that such intense and mainly political dialogue could be offputting to some. For that reason, we thought that a rant-style podcast addressing some of the funnier, more lighthearted current event topics was something we should offer as well. With that in mind, we’ll be starting another podcast called Rant of the Week, where I’ll focus a bit more on my frustrations within the realm of sports, sometimes delving into issues found at the intersection of sports and politics in 2019.

Now, since I’m done rambling, here is a post from my Facebook explaining why I think the negative stigma against cussing when it comes to political discussion and debate is silly. I don’t really see that intensity leaving the ORoR Podcast, but that also will probably be the most I ever cuss in an episode anyways.

I mean, give me a break. I was driving home from covering a Beto O’Rourke commencement speech and lost myself to 14 minutes and 32 seconds of straight passion. I digress. Below, you’ll find a screenshot of my original FB post discussing the topic, followed by the same text pasted in larger font:

ORoR profanity response

For the record when it comes to the “you could reach more people without using profanity” point: my message isn’t aimed at the “informed and educated” people who are offended by crude language and simply live to appease the political status quo that our system has built to silence and own us. I’m trying to hit the horde of American voters who don’t feel understood enough to vote in this system, many of which are frustrated middle and lower-class citizens. Furthermore, I’m trying to find the people with enough courage to actually change this damn country with me. Sadly, it generally just comes down to me and the sound of crickets chirpin’.

We have so much political drama in this country when there is a massive sect of the population that simply doesn’t vote. You’re telling me that this system is efficient enough? I call bullshit. Radical change is needed and coming.

Pardon me, but nearly every single person I talk to about feeling at odds with our divisive political system likes to cuss a little bit about it too, and crazily enough, they’re often the first to do so. That’s because I can speak to and identify with all sides, regardless of race, religion, politics, sexuality, or whatever difference that may possibly be. I’m sorry – really, I’m not sorry at all – that so many of you are privileged and comfortable enough to think politics don’t impact every single aspect of your life. The very matters we discuss daily were fought over to the death within the last 300 years, as well as many times before and since then. Such times are a mere few pages back in the book that is our historical timeline. Remember that.

These matters come down to, and will quite literally come down to once again, life or death. I’m consistently repulsed by the docility that mainstream America opts for in order to keep things all niiiiice, polite, and happy. If you want to continue letting your representatives dress up all pretty in their suits while the most famous ones lie to us all, feel free. That’s your prerogative. That’s your spineless prerogative, not mine.

American politics will be returned to the people by force, and I’m going to make people uncomfortable the entire way there. What makes me sick is that conservatives have become complacent with being labeled as the racist side. That makes me sick to my stomach because we have let it be so. Have some balls for what you believe in or you’ll die like a dog at the hand of someone else’s ideology.