Can Trevor Knapp really call himself a Colts fan if he says that Tom Brady is the GOAT?

Folks, yesterday at Grand Old Sports we did our GOAT edition of GOSRadio and it was highly contentious. It was filled with fire takes and arguments that can keep you entertained the entire time.

The most polarizing topic of our conversation was the “greatest quarterback of all time” portion. Founder of Grand Old Sports and alleged Colts fan Trevor Knapp had the audacity to say that Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback of all time when Peyton Manning literally played on his favorite team.

I get it. He’s buying into the narrative that rings=greatness but anyone who watches sports knows that football is a team game.

I just question his devotion to the Colts. I mean he saw the bitter rivalry games that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning played in during their careers.

He saw that Peyton Manning was supremely talented and did more than just check down to slot receivers and running backs. He saw how good Peyton Manning was at the line of scrimmage. He saw how when Peyton Manning went down with an injury the Colts went 2-14 whereas went Tom Brady tore his ACL the Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel. Matt fucking Cassel.

You’d think that someone who saw Peyton Manning suit up in his team’s colors would have some respect for the true GOAT. It’s just super sad to see. I guess Trevor really doesn’t love the Colts.