Tropicana Field is the worst Stadium remaining in sports and they should move the Rays to Montreal immediately

Folks, many people are asking if it’s worth having a baseball team in St. Petersburg, Florida when the stadium is in such horrible condition. Combine that with the fact that the Rays are ranked 29th in attendance this season (and pretty much every subsequent season), one could argue that the team should be shipped off and moved to Montreal.

Today’s blackout right before the top of the 9th inning started in the Yankees vs Rays game is just more proof that this stadium is in shambles.

When the folks at the MLB talk about wanting to shorten their games, seemingly preventable blackouts feel like something that they need to work to completely eliminate. What’s worse is that it’s a 2-run game and there were actually people (including me) watching the game.

As a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning I really want to be supportive of all Tampa sports even though I may only cheer for one of them. That being said, the Rays make it impossible to do. Their stadium is impossible to get to and when you do eventually get to it the experience is bottom of the barrel.

I’ll give the ownership credit in the sense that they’ve been trying to get a new stadium for years but the core issue is that nobody gives a shit about the Rays. Building a stadium in a more populated area, such as downtown Tampa or Ybor City, wouldn’t make a difference.

As much as I hate to say it, they should just pack the team up and drive it up to Montreal or some other city that actually wants them. Sports fans in Florida really only care about their teams when their teams are good.

Another added bonus of them being in a city like Montreal would be that having the Blue Jays and the Expos in the AL East together would create an unreal rivalry that would be must-see TV.

So sorry Tampa, I’m officially cancelling the Rays. Your team and your stadium has failed you.