Championship teams that refused the White House

I can’t remember a time when championship teams or athletes ever considered not going to the White House. I guess it’s fitting that this is no ordinary time and we have no ordinary President. As a matter of fact we have an extraordinary President.

In wake of Red Sox manager Alex Cora declining an invite to meet our spectacular President. For reasons that make absolutely no sense. I decided to take a look back at some teams who decided to not take the opportunity of a lifetime, and shake hands with one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen.

Below is a comprised list of the Teams and athletes that refused to meet our great President at his residence. They felt themselves to self-righteous to meet with the alleged racist and or sexist. It is extremely disappointing that they couldn’t set aside their intolerant views and carry on the tradition that has preceded them.

Anyways, here’s a list of the idiots.

2017 South Carolina Women’s basketball: In 2017 the President invited 18 NCAA championship teams for one big celebration. Excluding men’s football and basketball which have their own. All teams attended except one. The Gamecocks women’s basketball team. Head coach Dawn Staley said that team could not attend because of the team’s practice schedule.

2019 Virginia Cavaliers: The 2019 NCAA champs were under the media spotlight after the student body of Virginia signed a petition with over 15,000 signatures, urging the team to decline their invite. They did just that, after the coach made a sorry excuse about logistically it not working for them. However players from the team took to Twitter to celebrate it as a political victory.

2017 North Carolina Tar Heels: This team was never actually invited, but the events leading up to it are a little fishy. Reports stated that the White House offered as many as 8 or 9 different dates for the team to come for their visit, UNC came back to each offer saying they couldn’t attend any of them. Odd considering head coach Roy Williams has been very critical of Donald Trump on social media.

2017 and 2018 Golden State Warriors: During the time the President was feuding with unpatriotic kneeling NFL players. Some NBA players like Lebron James (called the President a “bum”), and Steph Curry who said he would decline an invitation to the White House. Head coach Steve Kerr also said he would not want to attend. Because of this, the President didn’t bother sending them an invite anyways.

2018 Philadelphia Eagles: After winning the Super Bowl many Eagles players expressed their discontent with the President, including Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, and Chris Long. They were officially invited but many players said they would not go. After the team tried to reschedule, the White House rescinded their invite. And the President (like a boss) through a huge party anyways where he went before the media and blasted NFL players for kneeling. Saying to all kneelers “maybe you shouldn’t be in this country.”