Quarter mark MLB power rankings

We’re a quarter of the way through the long MLB season. We now have an adequate sample size of what teams are capable of. Let’s take a look at the contenders, pretenders, and teams in rebuild mode.

Teams building for the future

30. Miami Marlins- Jeter is in full on rebuild mode here. Worst run differential in baseball (-91). This team is just all around bad.

29. Baltimore Orioles- Trust the process maybe? Who knows how long it will be before Camden Yards sees playoff baseball again? Worst pitching team in baseball right now.

28. Kansas City Royals- The days of title contention are long gone for KC. Lead the league in stolen bases with 40. How’s that working out for them?

27. Detroit Tigers- It’s a shame that Miguel Cabrera won’t get a storybook ending. They do have the top overall pitching prospect to look forward to though in Casey Mize.

26. San Francisco Giants- Expect Madison Bumgarner to get moved as well as other pieces. This proud organization won’t stay down for long.

25. Toronto Blue Jays- 2nd worst hitting team in baseball right now. The future looks bright though with Vlad Guerrero Jr. at 3rd and Bo Bichette at shortstop one day.

24. Texas Rangers- Only exciting thing for this team right now is watching Joey Gallo come in to his own. This team can’t pitch, 2nd worst team ERA in baseball (5.35).

23. Chicago White Sox- Eventually all of the south side’s prospects will get called up (5 in the top 50). Maybe then they’ll find themselves further down this list.

Teams that are not title contenders

22. Washington Nationals- Max Scherzer has given up the most hits in the NL (58). 22nd in team ERA (4.78). If you can’t pitch, you can’t win.

21. Oakland A’s- Matt Chapman might be the most underrated player in the game. It’s too bad the rest of his team can’t hit. Trades for bats is possible.

20. Seattle Mariners– No team has cooled off quicker than the Mariners. 2-8 over their last 10. 7-11 record at home. 24th in team ERA (4.85).

19. Colorado Rockies- No one doubts they can hit the ball. The rotation and bullpen are to shaky though for a legit contender. 27th in team ERA (5.06).

18. Cincinnati Reds- 2nd best pitching team in baseball, Luis Castillo had been fantastic. Worst hitting team in baseball, has age caught up with Joey Votto?

17. San Diego Padres- Thought those offseason moves would fix the offense? Guess again, 24th in team batting average (.232). Pitching is decent though.

16. LA Angels- Will Mike Trout ever win a ring? Not if his team pitches like this, 23rd in team ERA (4.82).

15. Cleveland Indians- Trevor Bauer and the pitching staff is great. The bats on the other hand…not so great. 29th in team batting average (.219).

14. Pittsburgh Pirates- Josh Bell has been a revelation for the Bucs. There still isn’t enough fire power in this lineup though. Couple that with playing in the NL’s best division, not a chance.

13. New York Mets- Surprisingly it’s been the bats for the Mets that’s carried them. Pete Alonso is legit, and the pitching will come around. Their 3rd best team in their division though.

Teams that could win it all

12. Philadelphia Phillies- Is Bryce Harper’s slow start cause for concern? Not really, this team has been sparked by great pitching and the bat of Rhys Hoskins. When Harper does come around, this team will get hot.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks- No Paul Goldschmidt, no problem. People need to take notice of the hot hitting D-Backs. Christian Walker is on a roll. If the bullpen steps up, the Dodgers better watch out.

10. St. Louis Cardinals- Great start, slumped lately, but the pieces are all still there. The bats have been strong, and Paul Dejong may be an MVP candidate. Starting rotation needs to step up. Trade for a starter at the deadline?

9. Milwaukee Brewers- If not for the heroics of Christian Yelich, the Brewers may not be top ten. They have some fine tuning to do, but they have a chance for an NL central title run.

8. Boston Red Sox- After a terrible start, Mookie and Co. are back. The problem is the pitching is still a question mark, and there’s two teams in front of them. I still think they’ll win the division.

7. Atlanta Braves- Maybe I’m higher on them than most people, but the Braves are quietly the 3rd best hitting team in baseball. Expect their pitching to come around and for them to ditch Philly after the all star break.

6. New York Yankees- What a story the Yankees have been, with a depleted roster they’re still getting it done. My question is, will they ever get fully healthy? They’ll need to if they want to contend.

5. Tampa Bay Rays- The city of Tampa doesn’t even realize what they have. A potential CY young winner, a great lineup, and a legit title contender. Best pitching team in baseball.

4. LA Dodgers- Though they’ve cooled off a little, Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers are still showing everyone they’re a complete team. 17-6 at home.

3. Chicago Cubs- Since starting the year at 2-7, the Cubs have won 21 of their last 27. Kris Bryant is finally healthy, and Javy Baez is worth the price of admission. Who’s hotter than the Cubs?

2. Minnesota Twins- Without a doubt the most underappreciated team in baseball. The Twins are crushing everything in their path. 2nd best hitting team in the MLB. Will they sustain this?

1. Houston Astros- Top to bottom the best roster in the game. Pitching, hitting, they can do it all. All roads lead to the playoffs, but the AL is deep with great teams. Best offense in the league right now.