UFC 237: Aftermath

For those who didn’t read my preview of UFC 237 long story short, it went nothing like I predicted. In my defense I did say this card was extremely hard to pick but that’s no excuse for going 0-3 in picks! But here is what I think following last nights WILD event.

So lets start with the biggest controversy of the night which was Rose losing her championship to Andrade via body slam KO. Many people were not happy about this and were calling for that move to be made illegal but tough shit it is 100% legal. As the great Daniel Cormier explained it, Rose keeping her hands locked in mid air was the reason she landed directly down on her neck as opposed to her letting go and getting flipped like most other would in that situation.

Props to the new straw-weight queen Andrade for battling back after clearly losing round 1 and doing exactly what she had to do to get the win. Andrade closed the distance and used her superior wrestling to finish Rose in brutal fashion. Now the UFC has a plethora of option for a new #1 contender and it shouldn’t be Rose. Giving a champion an immediate rematch also always ends in them failing to reclaim gold (Rose vs Joanna 2 just an example). Instead I think the winner of Tatiana Suarez vs Nina Ansaroff should get the next shot.

Over the last year we’ve only seen Rose vs Joanna for the title no need to force another immediate rematch when you have fresh blood in the division. They even have Michele Waterson as a viable option to get a title shot who is coming off one of the best wins of her career. I just hope for Roses sake IF she doesn’t retire they give her time off and let her get a fight between a rematch.

The most surprising fight of the night was by far Alexander Volkanovski unanimously defeating Jose Aldo in his home of Rio. Volkanovski was extremely impressive in this bout, he took the fight to a rather conservative Aldo. I didn’t think he could out strike Jose for three rounds but he did it and looks ready for a title shot. He is now the first man to beat Aldo in a non-title fight and if clearly the #1 contender at 145 pounds.

If Max isn’t ready to defend I could see a possible matchup of Volkanovski vs Edgar for the next shot. Outside of that scenario there is no way I see anyone getting a shot at the title before Alexander without first beating him. Props to him he could be the next star of the featherweight division.

On a much heavier note, things did not go well for Anderson Silva at UFC 237. Cannonier was able to destroy the right leg of Silva and finish him by way of leg kicks. This was extremely ugly to watch, Anderson in front of his home country fans in a ton of pain not able to walk on his own in the octagon. I don’t think this will be Silva’s last fight but his next one should be.

The UFC should give him a much better matchup and send him off into the sunset because lying down in pain with a likely torn ACL is not the way people should last remember Anderson. On the other side of this, James Cannonier looked very good and obviously his training payed off as he stuck to the game plan which was chopping away at that leg.

I would love to see him fight a guy like Derek Brunson or Weidman if he doesn’t got to light-heavy weight. I think Jacare may be the next guy they give him but I think that is a terrible matchup for Cannonier. We shall see who the UFC matches him up with but from what I’ve see he has definitely earned a shot at a real contender.