Cubs fans ruined Steve Bartman’s life, and I’l never forgive them for that

First off, shame on the MLB for naming this video “The “Steve Bartman incident”. There was a whole group of fans going after that ball, and then Moises Alou decided to throw a tempter tantrum to magnify the whole entire situation.

That one play alone didn’t cost the Cubs the series. The Cubs still had the lead in this game. Alex Gonzalez botched a routine ground ball. The Cubs had another chance in Game 7 at home in front of the Wrigley Field “faithful”. They choked. A foul ball that didn’t get caught didn’t SWING the series.

Screw Cubs fans. They get all up in arms over a poor guy reaching for a ball that’s coming at you (it’s human nature to do so), but then turn a blind eye when their team goes out and trades for a domestic abuser (Aroldis Chapman), in order to put their team over the top and win the World Series. Funny how that works.

I’m glad Steve Bartman received a World Series ring in 2016, but that still doesn’t do him justice. I hope he went straight to the local pawn shop and sold it. If I was Bartman, I’d be a Cardinals fan sporting a Yadier Molina jersey right now.

His life, and Cubs fandom was literally ripped to shreds, because of a dumbass fanbase, and the local media that honed in on a small mistake, if you want to even call it that.

Quite frankly, the only mistake Steve Bartman made was being a Cubs fan in the first place.