Why Frankie Edgar instead of Volkanovski?

After Alexander Volkanovski dominated Jose Aldo at UFC 237 most of us thought it was all but guaranteed he would get the next shot at UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway.

Not so fast said the UFC brass and Dana White as two days later the next shot at Holloway is given to Frankie Edgar. I understand why the UFC is doing this but Volkanovski is the real number one contender. 

Frankie Edgar putting his title shot on the line vs Ortega, losing and then coming back to beat Cub Swanson meant a lot to UFC. Dana White respects Frankie Edgar a ton and the man has done so much for the sport that they almost felt obligated to give Edgar the opportunity.

This is a fight that fans have waited a long time to see even though Max is going to be a big favorite going in. I think this will be an entertaining fight but Max is in his prime and has never looked better. I expect him to retain his title and then Alexander Volkanovski will be next up.

For Alexander’s sake I hope he does not have to take another fight before getting a shot at Holloway, he has done more than enough to earn a shot as is. Volkanovski is also recovering from an infection at the moment, wishing him a speedy recovery!