The NBA lottery sucks and Zion deserves better

After the NBA draft lottery announced that the New Orleans Pelicans had been given the 1st overall pick, we were all thinking the same thing. “There is no way Zion is going to play for them.”

It seems that Zion Williamson was on the same page as all of us. Moments after the lottery pick was announced, it was visually noticeable that Zion was shook. Like he’d just been told information that could lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. He had to have spent a considerable amount of time visualizing himself in a Knicks, Bulls, or even Cavaliers uniform. The look on his face looked like he was thinking “Can I go back to Duke or…?”

Let’s get one thing straight, the NBA draft lottery sucks. It confuses basketball fans every year why the team that had the worst season doesn’t get the first pick. Of course “tanking” is the reason why but still, the system is broken. The Pelicans had an identical or better record than 8 other NBA teams! This makes no sense!

NFL insider Adam Schefter pointed out on Twitter that the Cleveland Cavaliers lost LeBron James to the Lakers in the offseason. Then went on to lose 18 more games than the L.A. did. But guess where Cleveland is picking? Behind the Lakers!

Is the NBA even trying anymore? Why do we as basketball fans subject ourselves to this joke of a league? You mean to tell me that Lakers got the 2nd overall pick 3 years in a row by chance? Or that Cleveland had 2 first overall pick in back to back years right before LeBron returned home? The lottery is a joke and the NBA continues to be a shadow of what it once was.

The person hurt most by this other than the fans, is Zion Williamson. The greatest NBA prospect in over decade is being shipped to a city that could care less about their basketball team. The phenom’s fate is literally being decided by a ping pong ball. From what we’ve seen Zion is actually a pretty humble and respectful kid. Who Coach K said was “a very coachable player who loves the game and his teammates.”

One thing is certain, Zion will never wear a Pelicans jersey. Rumors have already begun circulating that New Orleans is aware that Zion doesn’t want to play for them. A potential hold out would devastate a franchise that’s already in shambles. Shopping the first overall pick and Anthony Davis would be a smart move by them honestly. Don’t draft the kid who has no interest in playing for you, and part ways with a superstar who doesn’t want you either.

Football will be here soon folks! After the Warriors win another title and ESPN tells us all about LeBron’s summer vacation.