There’s something fishy going on with the Bay Area of California and tainted championships

Note from the author: Read this entire article in Alex Jones’s voice otherwise it won’t make sense.  

Folks, when something looks like a fish and smells like a fish then it most likely is a fish. Using that logic, there’s definitely something fishy going on with Bay Area Sports teams and people from the Bay Area when it comes to getting championships or getting on the path to championships using tainted methods.

I’ve acquired some documents that prove that there are forces beyond our control rigging championships for teams and people from the Democratic People’s Republic of California. They don’t want these documents to get released out into the public but luckily I’m not scared of the people running the show in Roger Goodell or David Stern.

Some of what you’re about to see is highly classified material and may be sensitive to some bandwagon fans. I’m not gonna stand for this level of collusion in my favorite sports leagues any longer.

Now let’s get to the evidence.

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Exhibit A: Kevin Durant joins the Warriors

The Golden State Warriors? More like the Golden State Social Justice Warriors after they skipped out on visiting with President Trump after “winning” their championship in 2017. That’s right, the team so many children are influenced by don’t respect the Office of the President. This is exactly the type of poison that the government is using to destroy our youth.

On top of that, Kevin Durant made the decision to join the best regular season team of all time in the Golden State Warriors in an effort to taint all of their championships. But was it really his decision? According to some documents that I have acquired, it’s all a part of a ploy by the tech gurus in Silicon Valley to increase the population of snakes in the Bay Area of California.

They’re then gonna use these snakes to teach kids that it’s okay to be quitters and it’s okay to be disrespectful to authority. I’m not gonna sit here and stand for this type of mind control and you shouldn’t either. The Warriors should do the right thing and completely disavow their last 2 championships since they’re tainted.

Exhibit B: European influence in the Stanley Cup Playoffs giving the Sharks a victory

If you thought that Kevin Durant joining the Warriors and ruining the NBA was bad then this is gonna make you sick to your stomach. We’ve already looked at how the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been influenced by Russia but this proves that more of socialist Europe is moving into our republic.

Everyone saw the hand pass that literally gifted the San Jose (Bay Area) Sharks a game against a good, red-blooded, American city like St. Louis.

As you can see the collusion is clear as day. The goal that should have been disallowed due to a hand pass was scored by Erik Karlsson (Sweden) and assisted by Gustav Nyquist (Sweden) and Timo Meier (Switzerland). If this doesn’t prove that the globalists over in Europe are rigging our Stanley Cup Playoffs for the most globalist place in our country AKA the People’s Republic of California then I don’t know what does.

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Exhibit C: Tom Brady is from the Bay Area and at least half of his championships are tainted

The hypnotizing effect that Tom Brady has had on our sports world just proves that he is a robot assembled in Silicon Valley being used for mind control. The shadow government has the masses convinced that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time despite being a game manager who pads his stats by checking the ball down to running backs and slot receivers. They even have Colts fans thinking that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. 

Tom Brady won his first ring by having the globalists write in a “tuck rule” that gave the Patriots the AFC title when it wasn’t rightfully theirs. Then in the Super Bowl they used high tech spy video cameras to steal the plays from the Rams, who at that time played in the great American city of St. Louis.

Later down the road of his career, more shady activity followed the Brady camp. He deflated footballs in an effort to make his team win the AFC Championship and I’ve got the documents to prove it.

The fake news media will say that it doesn’t matter what Tom Brady did because Tom Brady’s team won 45-7 but that’s only because the air that is inside of the footballs is toxic. The government doesn’t want you to know that but Tom Brady surely knew that. By letting out that toxic air it made the Colts tired and it made them so easy to beat.

Lastly, just this past January the globalists from Silicon Valley were seen installing a mind control device in Dee Ford’s helmet making him line up offside on what would have been a game sealing interception that would have cost the Patriots the AFC Championship.

If that doesn’t smell of collusion I don’t know what does. I’m physically sick typing out this article because the sheeple of the United States of America are so blind to the forces controlling their favorite sports leagues.

Exhibit D: Jared Goff is from the Bay Area and we all know what happened in New Orleans

The last exhibit that I have to go over today is the massacre of the New Orleans Saints at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. It was bad enough to move the Rams from a great American city like St. Louis to a communist city filled with Hollywood globalists like Los Angeles. It gets worse when the globalists start to use the Rams to do their bidding in the sports world. We all saw what happened on that day.

This play literally gifted the Rams a trip to the Super Bowl and prevented the Saints from reaching football’s holy grail. Where is star Rams quarterback Jared Goff from? That’s right, the Bay Area of California. It’s absolutely sickening to see their tainted influences on the sports world.

There’s more proof of collusion by the Bay Area of the People’s Republic of California than there is of Russian collusion in our 2016 election. It should make you sick reading this and I for one am not gonna stand for it.