Winners & Losers from the NBA Draft Lottery


New Orleans Pelicans: Well it is very obvious the biggest winner of this draft is New Orleans. They were attempting to trade for 1st pick in the draft and now by luck of the lottery they now pick first overall. Even if (and when) they trade Anthony Davis they will still be in great shape as a franchise. They have one of the best General managers in the league on top of a good trade package coming for AD. At the end of the day they will have Zion, another top 5 player from this draft, and more pieces to build around as they make Zion the future. Crazy how AD had the Pelicans by the balls and now they have all the chips.

Memphis Grizzlies: After throwing out some questionable line ups throughout the season Memphis’s plan to tank for high pick worked out perfectly. They were able to make progression with their young players, Jaren Jackson Jr. specifically looked great in his rookie year, all while the team was going down the drain. The Grizzlies are now set to take the consensus second best player in the draft Ja Morant. They also have value in an older Mike Conley who is expected to be traded by the team and could fetch them another first rounder in this draft. Memphis will have two young up and comers as they officially start their rebuild.

Los Angeles Lakers: After the most disappointing Lakers season in awhile the franchise has something to be hopeful for this offseason. The Lakers were lucky enough to land the number 4 pick in the draft which could be the key to getting another in LA. The Lakers will try to out bid the Knicks and Celtics for Anthony Davis using that #4 pick and their young talent. Landing at #4 gives the Lakers more trade ammunition to go along with their young talent in their year long pursuit of AD.


New York Knicks: I say this with great pleasure THE KNICKS GOT THEIR HOPES UP AND LOST! They will now have to give up more to acquire Anthony Davis if they can even out bid the Lakers. This franchise better hope for two stars to come there in the off season because the tanking for Zion plan didn’t work at all. If the Knicks do get out bid by the Lakers they will most likely take R.J. Barrett at #3 which is a a promising pick unless they get two stars. Barrett is a guy with tunnel vision always looking to score, he needs guy that play well off the ball like Zion. The Knicks will need to be very careful the stars they chose to put him, in hopes to get the best out of his game.

Phoenix Suns: The Suns cannot seem to catch a break this year whether it is the regular season or the offseason. They were projected a top 3 pick and landed all the way at pick number 6. They desperately needed a point guard like Ja Morant who will be gone by pick #2, and they are hoping to move up in the draft for him. The Suns are going to have to give up a ton if a trade up is even possible or they will have to settle for another point guard maybe Cassius Winston. Most likely the Suns will miss out on Morant and have to hope they find a franchise point guard somewhere at 6.

Boston Celtics: Yes it’s true I was disappointed in how the lottery turned out for the C’s. The Celtics were one ping pong ball away from having the 4th pick in the draft thanks to the trade with Philadelphia in the 2017 draft. Instead the Celtics have the 14th pick via the Kings, the 20th pick via the LA Clippers and their own pick at 22nd. Though the Celtics didn’t leave the lottery empty handed, they lost out on a huge trade piece to help in acquiring Anthony Davis. Now that they don’t have a top pick it is likely they will have to give up much more young talent ( Tatum or Brown) to out bid everyone for the Pelicans star player.