Opinion: Steve Bartman got what he deserved

Whenever you hear the name Steve Bartman, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Innocent guy just taking in a playoff baseball game from section 4, row 8, seat 113 at the friendly confines. I’m here to tell you that the man known as Steve Bartman, is not innocent.

In fact, he might be one of the worst baseball fans ever. You may think I’m being harsh on a guy that was only doing what everyone else around him was also doing. However it’s not the act itself that I’m blaming him for. It’s the fact that 16 years later, we still haven’t heard from him!

We won it all Steve! The curse has been broken, and your honor has been restored. You are free to come out of the shadows. Make an appearance at Wrigley, have dinner with Moises Alou, get in the booth with Len and Jim. Or maybe write a book called “Redeemed Coward” and go on tour.

After it all happened, Bartman straight up ghosted us. No call, no text, no 60 minutes interview. The least he could’ve done was told us he needed some time away, like a “It’s me not you” situation.

I think all Cub fans really wanted was an opportunity to move on from the most gut-wrenching thing we’ve experienced this century. Instead we got rumors and fake news that he was in witness protection and living on an island in the South Pacific. I was 13 and thought he got plastic surgery to his face and was living among us.

So I am calling on Steve Bartman on behalf of all Cub fans, give us closure Steve. Let’s put this behind us. Let’s have a beer at the Cubbie Bear and debate if Moises Alou would’ve caught it anyway. We can even agree to disagree that this was all Alex Gonzalez fault.