Which Show Had The Worst Finale: Dexter or Game of Thrones??

*Do not read ahead if you haven’t finished Game of Thrones*

 I’m disgusted that this is even a question right now.

I thought after I finished Dexter, I would never ever feel that disrespected after completing a TV series. But here I am. Fresh off of one of the, if the not THE, worst episodes of Game of Thrones that has ever been aired. I honestly would give it a 2.5/10. Folks, this episode was the icing on top of the mediocre cake that was season 8.

We got absolutely zero closure. Sure, Dany died at Jon “Aegon Targaryen” Snow’s hands. That was poetic and everything but they had the chance to really make a bang when Drogon started spewing his flames all over the place. Maybe some of us wanted to test this Targaryen theory and see Jon walk through some fucking flames. That shit would’ve had us on the edge of our seats. Nope, Drogon just melts the iron throne. The one thing that his mommy loved more than him. Then, boom he’s off into the sunset. An action that we would all soon see become a trend.

Bran the Broken? Jesus Christ, I don’t even have the words. He’s the one?! You have the true Heir to the Throne right in front of you and you want to finally explore Democracy. Let’s just vote Bran in because he can do weird shit and now knows everything. Boo.

That brings me to the end. The ride off into the sunset. Somehow Greyworm still has a say in what happens to Jon Snow, even though this dude doesn’t hold a spot at the table. Somebody please explain why “King Bran the Broken” can’t just override that request because well, he’s the king? So beyond the wall goes Jon. No closure provided. Arya decides that she’s feeling a little adventurous, so off the edge of the map she goes. No closure provided. Sansa Stark, our Queen of the North, finally gets what she’s always wanted. Still, no closure provided. Tyrion Lannister, my boy. He’s stuck with this rag tag group of guys that are left to advise the King.

An atrocious ending to a fantastic show.

The lone bright spot we got tonight was that Jon finally gave Ghost a small sample of the pets he so deserves.

I think I’ve made up my mind.

Give me the Dexter finale.

I’d rather watch Dexter sail off into a hurricane with his dead sister and end up a lumberjack then watch that garbage truck juice served up by Game of Thrones.