Kevin Durant claps back at Chris Broussard, and suddenly I respect LeBron James a whole lot more

So today Kevin Durant pulled a classic “KD” move, because apparently the guy can never take the high road and just ignore the media or his detractors.

Whether it’s through burner accounts, or his personal handle on Twitter, he ALWAYS has to clap back.

Today, he got in the mud with notable NBA reporter Chris Broussard:

Ol’ KD better not plan on joining the Knicks, because he’ll be ripped to shreds by the New York media.

This brings me to the realization that you have to respect LeBron James for how he’s handled the media pressure since day one (most notably from former ESPN personality Skip Bayless).

LeBron was called “Prince James” and “The Frozen One” during the lowest moments of his career, and never felt the need to respond. He’s the opposite of KD. Not insecure.

On the GOAT episode of GOSRadio, I claimed LeBron was the greatest basketball player of all-time, and I stand by those comments.

Maybe I’m turning a page on LeBron. Maybe I’m secretly a fan?

Think about it.

Although I disagree with LeBron politically, he’s awesome at basketball, has never gotten into trouble off the court (that’s legitimately impressive given the stardom he’s had since he was a teenager), and has handled the media pressure the way few could.

I’m never going to be a King James STAN (that’s reserved for Thomas Edward Brady), but I RESPECT greatness. And because of that, I will not take the rest of his career for granted. I will “witness” greatness, your highness.

I am going to personally get in the mud for the King, and cheer him on in L.A. for the rest of his career.

The same can’t be said for Kevin Durant.