What’s Next For Anthony Davis

DALLAS, TEXAS - MARCH 18: Anthony Davis #23 of the New Orleans Pelicans walks off the court against the Dallas Mavericks in the first half at American Airlines Center on March 18, 2019 in Dallas, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Option 1. He stays in New Orleans 

The Pelicans have just won the biggest lottery ticket in the NBA since the Cavaliers won the 1st overall pick in 2003, LeBron James. Zion Williamson will be the first overall pick and will be joining the Pelicans which makes things very interesting in New Orleans.

Anthony Davis has come out very publicly stating he is displeased in New Orleans and wants out. The only problem is that he still has one year left on his contract and the Pelicans don’t have to do anything right away. The best option for New Orleans would be to have AD and Zion play together as much as they can before the trade deadline. Winning can change the way people view teams and hopefully this will make Anthony Davis want to stay.

Option 2. Traded to the Knicks 

The New York Knicks once again got snubbed in the NBA lottery losing the chance to draft Zion Williamson. But the Knicks still have a shot of rebuilding there team in dramatic fashion next year. Rumors have it that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will not be re-signing this offseason.

If this is true, then the Knicks need to try and sign both superstars. The Knicks could then trade away there 3rd overall pick and all the young talent on there roster to trade for Anthony Davis. This would of course make the Knicks a true powerhouse in the Eastern conference with their own “big 3”, consisting of Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Option 3. Traded To The Lakers 

If Anthony Davis is still not satisfied in New Orleans after getting the #1 pick Zion then the Pelicans will have no choice but to trade him so they can get something in return. The Lakers have the best trade packages to offer.

The Lakers not only have the 4th overall pick, but would be willing to trade anyone on their team not named LeBron James. The Lakers want another superstar right away so they can win now. The Pelicans need to take advantage of this and start building they’re roster for the future with Zion leading the charge.