Aaron Rodgers bashing the end of Game of Thrones after he was on it makes sense because he hates his teammates

Folks, after watching the above video it’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers was not a fan of the Game of Thrones ending even after he was on the show. This makes total sense because he is well known for hating everything after he no longer needs something.

His parents who raised him and helped him become a football player? He doesn’t speak with them. In fact, according to his brother, he didn’t even call them to check on them during the horrific wildfires.

His former teammates? Greg Jennings has made a living off of bashing Aaron Rodgers for being so horrible towards him. He even told a story where Aaron Rodgers basically said that he didn’t want Greg Jennings on the team next season during a game.

So should any of us be surprised that he’s bashing his Game of Thrones teammates today? Hell no we shouldn’t be. It’s his M.O. It’s just what he does. He lives for moments like these.

Here’s to hoping that A-Aron gets banished north of the wall this season by literally any other team in that division.