Is Durant Leaving Golden State the last piece to a better more competitive NBA?

The last 5-7 years the NBA has been considered by most people last luster and predictable. This is mostly due to the greatness of the Golden State Warriors and Lebron James but recently we can see the NBA slowly becoming exciting again.

Although Golden State is still making it look easy with Durant out the rest of the playoffs this year have been pretty competitive and could get more competitive if Durant was to leave there for good. The league is more talented than ever and that talent is spread out much more in the last few years. This up coming free agency could change the NBA for years to come.

This star studded NBA draft will have a ton of influence on the direction of the league. Zion Williamson I believe with another star would be an NBA playoff team right off the bat. Durant leaving the Warriors would continue to add to the depth of great teams in the NBA.  The potential for next years NBA is off the charts. I lay it out team by team.  For starts the

Celtics: Whether Kyrie leaves or stays the Cs are a good team and so much talent that could develop if he leaves. If he stays they’re a great team and will continue to build chemistry.

Philadelphia: 76ers are so young and both of their stars haven’t even hit their primes yet. Plus if Butler or Tobias stays they can build chemistry with 3 stars.

Bucks: Giannis is the best player in the east and on his way to being a top 2 player in the world. He will continue to carry his team which is filled with shooters.

Toronto: whether Kawhi stays or goes they are always solid and in contention.

Knicks: Inevitably basketball will be back in NY, just like the league wants it. The Knicks will get a star or 2 plus a great player in the draft. If they get Durant they will be a force in the East.

Warriors: if Durant leaves they will have room to sign back Klay and Draymond plus more for role players. They will still be a great team and a top 3 NBA team but will be much more beatable.

Lakers: LA has Lebron james and will mostly likely get  a star in the off season even if it’s just a Jimmy Butler or Kemba type star. They will be a playoff team for the next few years.

Rockets/Blazers/Thunder: already have 2 stars and will continue to be a good team.

Clippers: Already a gritty team with depth and could land a potential superstar in the offseason like Durant or Kawhi.

Jazz: Good already team and their star is still young and developing.

Kings: Young and talent team poised for a playoff spot.

Nuggets: Getting better each year and have a great all around team lead by a big man that can do it all.

I could keep going but I think we can all see after this season the NBA could be the most competitive and exciting it has ever been. More teams with stars and not 1 team with 4 stars. I know Durant leaving isn’t the only way to make the NBA more exciting but I feel it is the last piece to fall in place for the current trend the league is taking.