The Amazin’ Mets

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - MAY 07: Noah Syndergaard #34 of the New York Mets looks on after allowing a two-run homerun by Ty France #11 of the San Diego Padres during the fourth inning of a game against the New York Mets at PETCO Park on May 07, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

If professional sports has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed.

LeBron “The Goat” James came back to win a championship down 3-1 to the juggernaut Golden State Warriors. The Tampa Bay Lightning had a historic regular season only to leave their fans distraught after getting manhandled in the first round. The New England Patriots had their perfect season spoiled by the likes of…Eli Manning?

One thing that has always been consistent in recent years, however, is the New York Mets giving us all something to chuckle at. Whether it’s Tim Tebow somehow still being relevant in the baseball world, Jason Vargas making the starting rotation, or during Spring Training, when all Mets fans are having “this is our year” thoughts.

“Just wait! Cespedes will get healthy, our pitching rotation is solid, and this rookie Pete Alonso is a BEAST!”

Well Cespedes, who was already sidelined after receiving surgery on his heels, just recently “violently” injured his ankle at his ranch in Florida over the weekend. So he’s done.

The Mets’ starting rotation is currently ranked 20th in the league in ERA (4.48) and 21st in BAA (.250). Jacob DeGrom has returned to his human form and is sporting an average 3.98 ERA, while Noah “Thor” Syndergaard’s ERA is 4.50. That’s not going to get it done, folks.

This leads me to the rookie phenom, Pete Alonso. The guy is for real. He’s got a beautiful swing, power off of the charts, and he plays a solid 1B. There’s just one problem: he plays for The Mets. I’d be willing to put cold hard cash on Alonso ending up on the IL by the All Star Break.

It’s fate.

Murphy’s Law, do your thing.