Good guy Chase Elliott bails out Ryan Blaney when he ran out of gas on the side of the road

Folks, it’s no secret that Chase Elliott is a super good guy who cares deeply about people. This was evident when he bailed out Ryan Blaney from being stranded on the side of the road when he ran out of gas. The crazy thing about it is that Blaney isn’t even Elliott’s teammate. It was just one friend helping out another friend in need.

The conversation probably went like this:

Ryan Blaney: Bro I forgot how to read a fuel gauge and I’m stuck on the side of the road because I’m out of fuel. Now I’ve got to call Triple A so someone can come and get me gas. I’m so frustrated.

Chase Elliott: Call Triple A? Well that can take hours! Drop me your location and I can be there in no time.

Ryan Blaney: Wow! Really? It wouldn’t be too much trouble, would it?

Chase Elliott: No, not at all! I’d do anything to help out a friend in need even though you’re not even my teammate.

Ryan Blaney: Well I actually tried to call my teammate Joey Slow-gano but he told me he’d rather stay at home and slice bread because it reminds him that he’s the greatest thing to happen to NASCAR since that was invented, according to him.

Chase Elliott: He’s such a bad friend. I’ll be there in no time!

And off Chase Elliott went to save his friend from being stuck on the road for hours. That’s what a true champion does.