King of the East

Over the last almost decade the NBA’s Eastern Conference had been considered basically a cake walk for King James, the now revived East has given fans some competitive hope. Last nights victory for the Raptors showed they are not the weak willed team we have seen in years past, driven by superstar Kawhi Leonard they are battling to see who will be King of the East.
Toronto may have turned the tide in their favor but Giannis and the Buck won’t just roll over for the Raptors after a disappointing game 4 but expect them to come out hungrier than ever. Before the series started Giannis made it clear they cannot go down versus this Raptors team and he will do everything in his power too keep them up in the series.

For the first time in a long time the East has two teams that seem almost equally matched at the top of the mountain. Both team have one star that is great offensively and possibly even better on the defensive end. Point guards have been issues for both teams as Lowry and Bledsoe have been known to disappear during the playoffs which has happened throughout games this postseason.

Siakam and Middleton have been break out number two stars on their teams, stepping up when they have needed to. Another thing they both have in common is how both teams were written for different reason, “Giannis can’t shoot”, “Kawhi is leaving anyways”.

These are the two teams we may see for possibly the next decade at the top of the Eastern Conference and fans better be happy. We now finally have an even series in the Eastern Conference Finals in which no ones knows the outcome. For the first time in a long time it is exciting to watch an ECF game without a clear favorite or just deferring to Lebron.

This series has been great back and forth, with hopefully more to come. We will see who is the better player the Klaw or the Freak and we shall which will be the King of the East in what should be a thrilling seven game series.