Liberal ESPN is cutting back on political commentary

After years of declining ratings and an increase in political talking points, ESPN has finally figured out that they must change their direction. It’s no surprise to conservatives that ESPN has been tanking for several years now. After all we are the forgotten ones, and yet remain the silent majority.

Many on the right began tuning out ESPN when they decided they would become “Woke-Center”. Leading the charge in liberal sports media has been their business plan since the mid 2000’s. It’s gotten them nowhere, in fact they developed quite an outstanding debt which has lead to several layoffs.

We’ve seen the firings and departures of people like Curt Schilling and Linda Cohn for expressing their conservative views. Yet saw the promotions of people like Trump hater Keith Olbermann and Jemele Hill who called President Trump a “white supremacist”.

No one covered the Colin Kaepernick kneeling saga more than ESPN, and no one gave more positive press in favor of cop-hater Colin than they did.

Recently ESPN ditched their former President John Skipper, who was notorious for suspending long time anchor Linda Cohn for her conservative beliefs. They have now brought in newcomer Jimmy Pitaro who’s goal is to get ESPN back to being just a sports network.

Less shows like “High Noon”, “Get Up”, and anything featuring Max Kellerman or Bomani Jones. More shows like “NFL Live” and perhaps a highlight based SportsCenter with zero grandstanding from Scott Van Pelt. This is what the viewers want.

The question many have is, has ESPN already dug itself too deep? Will they regain the conservatives who have boycotted them over the years? It may be too late, but I do believe ESPN is taking a step in the right direction.