A couple of us trolled the Patriots fan base so hard last night that it most likely ended their dynasty

Folks, it’s no secret to anyone that Boston sports fans are some of the most insufferable people to ever walk the planet. Not only are they insufferable but I found out last night that they’re not very intelligent (one of their fans agreed with me when I said that but there’s more on that later).

I was going to go to bed early and be a responsible adult but then I got the idea to post this into a Patriots fan group on Facebook and let the chaos ensue.

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At first I was expecting to get cussed out for posting this but then people actually started answering the question seriously not realizing that I was completely trolling them. Also, huge shout out to GOS President Trevor Knapp for joining in on the fun.

Trevor added some more fuel to the fire when he reminded all Patriots fans that no matter what they do they’ll never have that perfect season to look back on.

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It then got fun when someone insinuated that the Julian Edelman catch in Super Bowl 51 was better then the David Tyree catch in Super Bowl 42 (it’s not). I said that Patriots fans were “low IQ fans” and the guy agreed with me.

Then they found out that I was a Giants fan (from looking at my profile, I assume) and they told the teacher on me and the post was taken down.

People may say that I’m juvenile for doing this. They may say that I’m small minded. They may think it’s a waste of time. Well those people are all wrong. Anytime you can have fun at the expense of the worst fan base in sports it’s a good time.

Luckily for me I wasn’t banned from the group so sometime in the next few days I plan on unleashing more hell.