Drake may have cursed the Raptors last night


Bro I love me some Drake and how he’s helped put Canada’s team back on the map, but you can’t say we’re going to the Finals. The series isn’t close to being over.

Yes, Kawhi Leonard looks unstoppable right now. yes, Fred Van Vleet is hitting every damn three he takes. Yes, Marc Gasol is a human wall defensively. Yes, Giannis (whatever his last name is), is folding like a lawn chair.

But Milwaukee is still legit (60 win team for a reason), and if they win Game 6, they win Game 7. I’m still a nervous wreck over this series, and if you’re a Raptors fan, you should be too.

Milwaukee took a quick 14-3 lead in Game 5, and then fell apart at the seams. They couldn’t hit a single shot. Giannis has been a mess since Game 2. Kris Middleton was silenced in Game 5. You know they’ll come back in Game 6 with a vengeance. Brook Lopez is going to hit some shots. George Hill is going to do George Hill things and haunt the Raptors in the playoffs, the same way he has in the past with the Pacers and Cavs.

Why did Drake have to overstep and say we’re going to the Finals. I felt so hopeful after that win last night, but now I realize the NBA Finals coming to Canada is closer to my dreams than reality.