Erik Karlsson effectively just announced that he’s leaving the San Jose Sharks

Folks, Erik Karlsson just tweeted out his farewell to the city of San Jose and the Bay Area of California. While he may not have explicitly said that he’s leaving the San Jose Sharks, there’s no way that somebody makes this tweet and stays with the team they’re currently with. I’ve seen enough cryptic tweets from NBA superstars to know this much.

So where will Erik Karlsson be heading? Some pundits say the New York Rangers since they have a lot of cap space. Others say he’ll take his talents to the Vegas Golden Knights. The true answer is neither of those teams.

Erik Karlsson will be flying south to the great city of Tampa and he will play alongside his best friend and fellow Swede Victor Hedman on the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning, who were unfairly eliminated from the playoffs last season due to Russian collusion, could use Erik Karlsson to put them over the top.

One thing is certain: There’s no chance in hell he’s going back to the Sharks. He likely ends up going from the Bay Area of California to the Bay Area of Florida becoming a Tampa Bay Lightning legend in the process.