GOS Writers Stanley Cup Finals Predictions

The Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight, with Game 1 going at the TD Garden between the Boston Bruins and St.Louis Blues. The GOS staff is here to give their picks on who takes the cup!

Trevor Knapp: Bruins in 6 – After watching the Tom Brady hype video, I can’t go against the city of Boston. Plus, the Bruins have had plenty of time to rest up and heal from any injuries. Take the healthier team who has home ice in this series!

Dancouver: Blues in 6 – They’re a team of destiny that has had a tough road to the finals. They played 3 legitimate teams in the Jets, Stars, and Sharks. They have great goaltending and they take away space on the ice for opposing teams. Also if Boston wins another title this year and we have to deal with their insufferable fans I may just kill myself.

Joey Teer: Blues in 7 – Last time they were in the finals they were swept by Boston. This time will be different. It’s been a special season for a team that at one point no one thought had a shot at making the playoffs.

Louis Areniello: Bruins in 4 – Better team, better goalie, better fans. Also, I’m from Boston, so I may be biased here.

Dalton Lee: Bruins in 5 – They’re the favourite for a reason here. Expect Marchand and Pastrnak to go off in this series.

Who are you picking to win the 2019 Stanley Cup Final?

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