Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods are paired up at The Memorial Tournament proving that dreams do come true

Folks, it was just a normal day for me until I saw this tweet. I went from having the most Tuesday feeling Wednesday of all time to smiling ear-to-ear after seeing these two guys got paired up to golf together at The Memorial Tournament.

In sports we have these rare moments of greatness where two who are the greatest of all time at their sport are seen being great together. Everyone knows that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer to live. Everyone with a brain knows that Peyton Manning is the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time. There’s so much GOATness in this picture it’s impossible to describe.

I wonder what they’ll talk about when they’re out there on the course. My bet is that the conversation out there is going something like this.

Peyton Manning: I think it’s funny that there’s 18 holes in the game of golf and I wore number 18 throughout the duration of my illustrious NFL career.

Tiger Woods: That is such a hoot. Thanks for coming out here with me today. It’s such an honor to play golf with the greatest quarterback of all time.

Peyton Manning: Wow! You think I’m the greatest? You’re too kind. Though, being that I’m extremely humble, I can’t accept your recognition of my GOATness.

Tiger Woods: But Peyton, you’re the only QB in NFL history to have two seasons with 49+ touchdowns. And you did it with weak coaching and two different teams, nonetheless!

Peyton Manning: I understand that but I’m just too humble to accept anything you’re saying. I don’t want it to disrupt my laser focus. Now let’s hurry up and finish this round so we can get you to your favorite Denny’s!

If that conversation doesn’t refresh you and give you a newfound appreciation for both of these athletes then I don’t know what will.