It’s time for the MLB to add more protective netting along the foul lines before it’s too late

Folks, if you didn’t see the news last night, a little girl was hit with a line drive foul ball last night off the bat of Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. It was an ordinary foul ball with an unordinary result. That being said, it was a traumatizing experience for all involved and it could have been prevented with some common sense safety measures.

Major League Baseball needs to extend the foul netting down the entire foul line because if they don’t it’s only a matter of time before a little kid dies. The argument against it is that the seats along the foul lines would lose monetary value but it’s absolutely ridiculous that the league cares more about making a few bucks than the safety of their fans.

Luckily, there were reports saying that the little girl who was hit with the ball was okay.

The MLB needs to make this change ASAP because they may not be so lucky next time. If someone gets hit with a 100+ mph line drive the odds of them getting seriously injured are pretty high. Do the right thing, MLB. Make the change.

It also should be noted that Albert Almora handled this situation with a huge amount of class. I know all of the writers here except Dalton like to rip on the Cubs but there should be nothing but praise given here.

You could see how devastated he was when the incident happened. He even went over to the section where it occurred to check on the little girl.

He also said that he hopes to form a relationship with the girl and her family for “the rest of his life.”

That’s the way to make the best out of a bad situation. Hopefully the reports are true and the girl is okay. On top of that, hopefully this is a wakeup call for the MLB to make the game safer for the fans before it’s too late.