Kris Bryant wants St. Louis fans to hate him

Flashback to the Cubs convention a couple of months back. Kris Bryant was taking part in comical interview with former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster. When he stated that free agent baseball players don’t want to play in St. Louis because it is a “boring city”

The response from Cardinal fans was fiery to say the least. Especially when long time Cardinal catcher Yadier Molina chimed in saying, “Players and leaders of their teams do not speak bad about any city. There should be respect and you should play and compete with respect…only stupid players and losers make comments like the ones made by Bryant and Dempster.”

And just like that…the rivalry was back.

Bryant went on to say in response “I was generally just joking and having a good time. We’ve been playing each other for awhile. I don’t hate the guy. I think he’s a great player. He’s a great catcher. He’s the leader of their team. I get over things pretty quick.”

No surprise that the known hot-head Yadi Molina responded the way he did. He’s been a walking confrontation for a long time. Perhaps he was just trying to fire up his fans who don’t have a lot to cheer for lately.

As it stands the Cardinals sit in 4th place in the division, 4.5 games back of the first place Cubs. Chicago travels to the boring city of St. Louis this weekend. It’ll be the first time Kris Bryant plays at Busch Stadium since his comments over the winter.

On Wednesday Bryant told reporters “Of course, it’s going to be not great. I was watching Manny Machado get booed by the Yankees fans. I don’t know. I hope they boo all of us. We want the games to be a nice rivalry, intense. It’s always nice to play there, because there’s a ton of people there, a lot of our fans show up. It makes it fun. No hard feelings.”

This is certainly one of the more underrated rivalries in all of sports. The last time these teams played each other, the Cubs won in a sweep. Including a 13-5 blowout in the series finale.

This is a ticking time bomb. If the Cubs blowout the Cardinals at home, expect the insecure Molina to set things off. Sparks will fly, and someone wearing a Redbird uniform will probably get knocked out.