Morning Brew: Drake Owns Real Estate in the Warriors Brains

To be a championship team, you have to be mentally tough. Jordan and Pippen didn’t start winning titles until they had the mental fortitude to get through the Bad Boys in Detroit. And for the Golden State Warriors to go to 5 straight Finals, that is a testament to how this team is not easily rattled, and that they are tough minded at their core.

That all came crumbling down last night. And guess who was on the front lines, battling it out with the Warriors?

Aubrey??? The guy who got bodied by Pusha T??? Little Jimmy Brooks put brakes on the Warriors last night and had them in their feelings all night. Not an ideal start to the series for the Warriors. I have been saying all week that home court advantage was going to play a huge factor in this series, and that is proving to be true after one game. Toronto, sneaky good sports town up there.

PS: Steve Kerr is officially on the hot seat for this one…

Woof. Tough look there, Steve. You clearly were not ready for the Drake effect. Drizzy has put your mind in a pretzel and this is now a series. #WeTheNorth