NBA Free Agency Predictions

The NBA Finals are underway, and to no surprise the Golden State Warriors are the favorite again. It also means the best part of the season is just over the horizon. No, not the NBA draft, I’m talking about free agency. At midnight, on the first of July, phones belonging to agents of some of the most talented players in the league will be ringing off the hook. This summer will be filled with big contracts and a lot of money. It has the potential to make the one-sided NBA watchable again with better competition for both conferences. Let’s see who the top free agents are and what jersey I believe they’ll be wearing next season.

Kevin Durant – New York Knicks

KD is arguably the best player in today’s game who also happens to be on one of the best teams in NBA history. After leading the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals and blowing a 3-1 lead in the series, he quickly became the villain for leaving and signing with the team who had just broken the city’s heart. He has a player option to stay with Golden State for $31.5 million next season and turns 31 in September. If he wants to be a seen as the good guy again he leaves now for the New York Knicks.  

Kawhi Leonard- Toronto Raptors

The Klaw is another contender for the best player in the world. A trade last year sent him to Toronto after saying he was unhappy in San Antonio. If you’d asked me last month where he would sign I would have said somewhere warm but with the Raptors playing in the finals I do not see him leaving. Nick Nurse has shown he is a players coach and will do what’s in the best interest of his star player. The city has welcomed him and treated him like the star that he is. Plus he has Drake on the sideline cheering him on.

Kyrie Irving- New York Knicks

Boston doesn’t need Kyrie to win ball games, he and the city both know this.He can opt in for the season and collect $21 million, but the Knicks will definitely offer him more since they have $74 million to work with this summer. Landing Irving and Durant gives the Knicks the two superstars they wanted and needed this summer.

Kemba Walker- Charlotte Hornets

Kemba is coming off a spectacular season with a third team All NBA spot. Winning that honor grants Walker the opportunity to sign a supermax deal for 5 years $221 million with the Hornets. No other team can compete with a deal like that. The next best offer anyone else could make is 4 years $141 million. The Hornets can’t allow a player like Walker to walk away. They might not offer the full $221 mil, but they will offer enough to keep him in Charlotte.

Demarcus Cousins- Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are going to be disappointed when they never land a trade deal bringing in Anthony Davis. Try as they might, they won’t be attracting much attention from other big free agents this summer either. They will offer Cousins more money than what he’s worth, but they need to bring in somebody to please the fanbase and LeBron. It will be a good fit for him as well, a big man who can hit the three and plays great in the paint. A LeBron, Cousins squad would be very interesting to watch.