RALLY THE TROOPS: Portnoy Goes on Tucker Carlson and the Haters are FURIOUS

If you haven’t heard the story yet, we have a great blog about Towelgate here.

Portnoy nails it on the head. The people who hate Barstool, just hate fun. They don’t understand jokes and are so ignorant to fact that there is so much more to Barstool than what’s on the surface. Every time people attack, it’s the same story. Rinse, wash, repeat the exact same statements. Those people’s minds will never be changed. They can’t see what the rational person sees.

They are authentic. People attach themselves to things that they can connect with and that’s what the white knights of the internet just can’t understand. They attach themselves to a handful of jokes taken out of context and make a snap judgement on what they think they are all about. And they go on wondering why their viewership will never be the same, as Barstool continues to attract the biggest names in sports and entertainment to their brand.

Like them or hate them or hate them, Barstool is always going to keep it real with its audience. Its one of the few places on the internet that isn’t afraid to say what they want to say. They aren’t dictated by agendas and they don’t let people decide what they can and can’t say.

And that’s my promise to you, hear at The Grand. My goal every day I jump on the blog, is to entertain and make you all laugh. I won’t tire. I won’t rest. And I won’t let other people decide what’s appropriate to say or not. I will continue to dedicate everything to making every reader laugh and bringing sports content that people can relate with.