B10 Teams Now Eligible for Cheez-It Bowl

This is the kind of news dump I need to get through a boring sports day. Just when I thought I was going to have to scrounge up some stupid blog about the Tigers losing again, I get blessed with this gem of a news story. As it turns out, in 2020, the Big Ten will now be eligible to play in the Las Vegas Bowl, the Belk Bowl, and the Cheez Its Bowl. Subsequently, they will be dropping the Holiday Bowl and the Gator Bowl.

The College Football Playoff has ruined the bowl system. Probably for the best, but it has made all the other post season games utterly pointless. Let’s be completely honest here. If your team does not make the playoff, the season is a bust. So what is a college football fan supposed to do if they are not a perennial blue blood? Keep your expectations low. Never over promise, and no one will ever be disappointed.

That is why I got my eyes right on the Cheez-It Bowl.

Best case scenario, MSU fucks around and wins 10+ games (not entirely outside the realm of possibility) and I am the happiest person on the face of the earth. Even if they don’t win in the Playoff, I am still utterly shocked from how many games they won that I won’t care. Or I am right, and they go 7-5 and end up playing in the hallowed of all bowl games…The Cheez-It Bowl.

Do you remember last years Cheez-It Bowl?

10-7. That was the score not at the end of the first, second, third, or fourth quarter. Instead, the score at the end of OT. That’s how the Cal-TCU game went in the Cheez-It Bowl. So, how did such a disgusting score happen? Well, I’m happy you asked.

There were 9 interceptions:


In my wildest dreams I couldn’t even think up that good of content. I am a true slave to the game. If my team does well, it is great and I am happy to see my teams win. But my misery makes for even better content. The fall out from watching Brian Lewerke throwing up that kind of stat line, would be laugh out loud funny for all the readers.

So let’s get this football season rolling already. 80 more days till our lives have meaning again. Don’t try and make plans with me. On the days Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 12pm and 11pm you know exactly where I will be. Get excited folks, we are in for another great year of football.

PS: This clip from last years Cheez-It Bowl should be all you need to get excited for football. Just college football at its finest. Keep your eyes on the prize. I know I will.