Daily Brew: Heaven Looks Beautiful

I have often dreamt about what heaven will be like. When I was a young I just figured it was a bunch of people floating around on clouds, just chillin with our boy JC. That was all well and good in my mind and I was totally satisfied with that notion. To be completely honest, my small brain cannot wrap around the thought of eternity. I get a bad headache and then I feel like I have to take a nap. So I really try to avoid that thought all together.

Until these beauties started coming across my timeline over the last couple of weeks.

There is not a whole lot in this life I am certain about, but this is what heaven is like. My boy Tom looking like a greek god, zipping tight spirals all over that perfect backyard. I would be feeling like a little kid again. Just running pass patterns for hours on end and drawing up trick plays like it was Backyard Football on the old PC.

Maybe even play a little 3v3 scrimmage. It would be Tom, Gronk, and me of course. Against Big Ben, Juju Smith Schuster, and whatever other scrub they want to bring out. Even in the after life Brady will haunt Steeler fan’s dreams.

Tom and I would be best friends forever. Cue the music.