Just like the democrats, the NBA has abandoned it’s base

Remember the democrats of old? The hard working blue collar union type of people. The ones that voted for Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter? Picture for a second that these were the NBA’s fans during the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and even into the 21st century.

At some point the Democrats decided they were going to leave the old true dems, for the new ones. They started targeting minority groups, the LGBT community, even college kids by infiltrating the education system with socialist sympathizers.

What we’re left with are delusional liberals who think there are more than two genders.

The NBA has done something similar. In the last 15 years, they’ve decided to get younger, cooler, and more hip with their target audience. Ditching the once physical and tough contact sport of basketball, and replacing it with ballet.

Now I’m only just approaching 30 years old, but even I can tell the basketball I grew up watching is a shadow of what it once was. I never got see the bad boy Pistons or the showtime Lakers, but I can imagine that it was a much better brand of basketball than today’s NBA.

A lot of this is in large part due to Adam Silver. He became the NBA’s deputy commissioner in 2004 under David Stern. Around that time the league began to change.

I specifically remember that David Stern took a hard “non hip-hop” stance, in hopes that he would retain a certain demographic. Requiring players to abide by a dress code and code of conduct.

The worst thing that has happened is the changes in play. Soft, high-scoring, more fouls, more whistles, less post play, all 3 point shooting. To name a few things.

The NBA’s marketing is clearly targeting young people. Look at the halftime musical acts, all star weekend, and the post game fashion shows. The funny part about all of this? It isn’t working! It’s a complete dumpster fire. Declining ratings and empty seats at games! That’s what the league has gotten itself.

The NBA should’ve taken a lesson from the Democrats, don’t abandon those who got you to where you are. It only leads to self-destruction.