FINALLY: Miggy to Start at DH

About god damn time, Tigers. I have been saying this for at least 5 years now and the Tigers have finally listened to reason. Miggy has essentially been playing on 1 leg for the past few years. The MLB season is already one of the most grueling in all of sports. Now imagine being 36 years old, with knee issues, and being expected to range at 1st base and still keep your production at the plate up to par. That is BANANAS logic from the Tigers.

Even before the major injuries started to occur over the last couple years, Cabrera would be out for stretches at a time because of the physical demand that comes with playing 1st base everyday. In 2013 it was the hip, 2014 it was the ankle, in 2015 it was the calf, The writing was on the wall and the Tigers waited till he was half dead to finally make the move. It would have made so much more sense to move him over, while his production was still high. and allow him to be like a Big Papi. Miggy is one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever play the game. Tigers fans could have watched as Cabrera aged gracefully into retirement, as he got to rest his body, and mash baseballs all over the diamond.

Instead, now we are stuck with the shell of Cabrera that has zero power to his swing and we are stuck paying him till 2023. The contract the Tigers signed him to, in hindsight, is extremely ugly. Miguel Cabrera will be 40 by the time the guaranteed portion of his contract expires.

The only hope now for Tigers fans is that they can keep him rested enough to stay healthy and hit at a consistent pace to keep them competitive. We will never see MVP Miggy again, but if he can consistently hit around .300 and knock in 80 RBI’s I would see that as a win.

PS: Might already be on track with that. Miggy is hitting .293 and hit this gem last night. All is well in Detroit (knock on wood).