Is it really racist?

Supposedly the NBA is thinking about eliminating the term “Owner” as they see it racially insensitive. Draymond Green was the first to bring this to anybody’s attention on an episode of HBO’s “The Shop”. A show where grown men, including athletes and celebrities sit on couches and barber chairs to talk about life and sports. Don’t waste your time trying to watch this disaster of a show.

“Very rarely do we take the time to rethink something and say, ‘Maybe that’s not the way. Just because someone was taught that 100 years ago doesn’t make that the right thing today,” Green said. “And so, when you look at the word ‘owner,’ it really dates back to slavery. The word ‘owner,’ ‘master’—it dates back to slavery… we just took the words and we continued to put it to use.” This right here grinds my gears. If the term “Owner” makes you think of slavery then it sounds like a personal dilemma you need to deal with Mr. Green.

This liberal way of thinking has been a problem in the NBA for years now. Ratings continue to drop, yet league officials still think “we the people” care what these players have to say about the product produced.

Players sign contracts to an organization and brand that is owned. If you don’t like it then don’t sign on that dotted line.