Lions Sign WR Jermaine Kearse

Did you forget about Jermaine Kearse?

Arguably one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. If not for Pete Carrol’s psychotic break, this catch would have set up the go ahead touchdown against the Patriots. Run the ball with the best running back in the league in that scenario and this catch gets remembered for the rest of time. It would have been Dwight Clark, David Tyree, and Jermaine Kearse.

Regardless of the outcome of that game, there is no denying how Kearse has developed into a solid wide out in the NFL. No, he is not an Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, or AJ Green, but Kearse has quietly built himself a nice NFL career. Over the last 5 seasons, Kearse has averaged 612 yards receiving and 5.2 TDs a season. And maybe an underrated stat, his TD effieciency is something the Lions can really use in the red zone.

Right now for the Lions, it is all about adding weapons for Matthew Stafford. We saw last year what happens when options get taken away, and how quickly that offense can spiral out of control. We already know how talented Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay, and Kerryon Johnson are on the offensive side of the ball. Then with the additions of Danny Amendola, Jesse James, TJ Hockenson, and now Jermaine Kearse. This offense has the potential to be an explosive group.

Assuming this team can stay healthy, the Lions will be contenders in the NFC North. The potential is there. The grind to become a contender is a long road, and it takes time to add the right players that a franchise can build on. The building blocks are there and this past off-season was all about adding a handful of pieces to take this team to the next level. Combine what the Lions have gotten out of free agency and the draft, they have built this team into a legitimate contender to win the division. Let’s start there and then see what this team should do. 91 days till the NFL is back. Get pumped, Detroit. Time to shock the world.