Daily Brew: Conclusive Evidence New York is the Most Disgusting City in America

*Cue the music! (Listen to this as you read about the wonderful city of New York!)

Welcome to New York! Summertime in the greatest city on earth cannot be topped. You will be captivated by the smell of wet, hot, trash that floods the streets on every avenue. What is that on the ground? Oh that is just delectable puddle of steaming piss. Just hop on over it with a skip in your step and keep on movin. At one moment you will pass by a dead homeless person and commuters will not even miss a beat.

And the next you have complete savages, indulging in their most primal behavior in serving up a human/canine sundae. I did not think New York could stoop any lower, but I really shouldn’t be surprised. If you are in New York, keep your head on a swivel. I hear they are snaching up strays and random people left and right for this new business venture. Just shameful.

New York has gone full “Lord of the Flies” on us, as the city divulges into chaos. Next thing you know “Let’s eat, grandma.” is really going to turn into “Let’s eat grandma.” Shame on you, New York. Shame on you.