Wife of Warriors owner received death threats from the Bey-hive

Game 3 of the NBA finals had it’s share of sideline stories. From Kyle Lowry getting shoved by a Golden State part owner, to now learning of some Jay-Z/Beyonce drama.

Apparently the famed couple was seated next to Nicole Curran. The wife of billionaire team owner Joe Lacob.

In a moment that was on the broadcast, it appeared that Curran was shooting her shot at Jay-Z, right in front of his wife. To which the Queen Bey had that “I will kill you” look on her face.

That’s exactly what Beyonce’s fans thought happened. Soon after, Nicole Curran began receiving death threats online for supposedly crossing Knowles on live TV.

However, all the single ladies were attacking a woman for something she didn’t even do. It was later discovered that Jay-Z was ordering a drink through Curran and because Oracle arena was so loud, she had to lean in to talk to him.

Curran was so upset over the whole debacle that she had to delete all of her social media accounts.

No suprise that Beyonce has a select group of fans that are absolutely insane. They’ve spent enough time with the Obamas to acquire a following of leftist crazies.