Kevin Durant will likely miss the 2019-2020 season

Game 5 has provided us with many stories to talk about. None bigger than the injury suffered by Kevin Durant in the 2nd quarter.

Leading up to this game there has been some speculation and rumors circulating about Durant’s injury to begin with. He was listed on the injury report with a “calf strain”. The only issue is that a calf strain (depending on the severity) doesn’t usually take this long to recover.

Instead it is now rumored that what KD actually had was a partially torn achilles tendon. And that he was being pressured by the Warriors organization to play despite the injury.

It is possible to play on a partially torn achilles. As seen when KD came out firing, hitting his first 3 shots.

A video is now going viral of KD’s injury on social media. Many people including some doctors have said that this is without a doubt a torn achilles tendon.

Much is being made of Toronto fans cheering as Durant sat on the floor in pain trying to get to his feet. I don’t want to read to much into this, but I will say that Raptors fans aren’t the only fans that would’ve done this.

If we get the official word that Kevin Durant has a (fully) torn achilles tendon, one thing is certian…he will not play next season.

A typical recovery time for an achilles injury of this severity is one full year. We have seen it happen to Durant’s teamate Demarcus Cousins, as well as Kobe Bryant and others.

This is a huge blow not just for Durant, but also the NBA. In particular NBA free agency. As this changes the entire offseason outlook for teams that hoped to woo KD to their city.

It is early but I could see a scenario where Durant still signs a huge contract this offseason. Unlike an ACL or other serious injury, most players make a full recovery from an achilles tear and come back as a good as ever. Durant is 30 years old and will still draw a ton interest from NBA teams.