Anthony Davis Traded to the Lakers: Everyone wins

The inevitable has finally happened, Anthony Davis is a Laker. The Lakers are now the favorites for the NBA title and with Golden State in the infirmary the odds are just. This trade wasn’t just a win for the Lakers but New Orleans pulled in a huge haul for the all star forward. The Pelicans managed to acquire Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, as well as three first round picks including the number four overall pick this year. Despite the Lakers giving up so much and the Pelicans moving an elite player I think this trade worked out perfectly for both teams, I’ll explain.

For the Lakers it seemed like this was their best option to get a star as it was reported they are not a front runner for any big name free agents. Not only did they get a star in Anthony Davis, they have a star who is willing to stay long term even past the Lebron era. So no matter what happens with Lebron after his contract is up the Lakers will still have star to attract other free agents and keep people coming to the games. For the short term this trade is exactly what the Lakers wish they had last year, a star next to Lebron that can take the pressure off him defensively and offensively.

Having another star also takes the pressure off Kyle Kuzma giving him more breathing room to develop into the star the Lakers and many believe he can be. Expect Kuzma’s number to be great next year as a solid third option. Now the Lakers have the opportunity to add role players or another star like Kemba Walker to put the final touches on this roster. I would advise going after shooters instead of star, which is what I think the Lakers to do because they have belief in Kuzma becoming something special. Either way LA is in a way better spot than before and the fans are rightfully joyous over this addition of Anthony Davis.

On the Pelicans end of things it couldn’t get much better, they absolutely got a haul of assets for Davis. Losing a superstar of his caliber does suck but getting a huge head start on a rebuild is worth it. They now have the most sought after first pick since Lebron with Zion Williamson and now they have added a core of young guys that fit perfectly around him. Lonzo Ball is the perfect fit for NOLA who will want to run a high pace offense. Ball will make his teammates better and give Zion the ability to work off the ball which is something he excels at.

Ball also adds a great defensive presence being paired with Jrue holiday, that backcourt is now a defensive monster for opposing teams. Adding Ingram give the Pelicans a guy who can create his own shot from the perimeter which they desperately need. Hopefully Ingram is ready to go following his most recent condition. Hart adds some depth and energy off the bench, he isn’t Kuzma but the kid knows how to make the most of the minutes given to him. The Pelicans also have that 4th overall pick from the Lakers that could be flipped for another really good player or used to draft a another talented young guy. No matter what the Pelicans got the best offer out there and no have a huge jump start on that rebuild.