Daily Brew: How Many Canadians Does it Take to Spot a Fake Kawhi Leonard?

After a nice week vacation backpacking in Kentucky and then a weekend in Nashville, Luke Friday is back again. And we are getting off to a hot start for a Monday. I’ve been seeing this video floating around from the Raptor’s parade.

This video is just the internet at its finest. Humanity shows its true colors when the cameras are bright, and these Raptors fans did not disappoint. Videos turn to internet gold when it is the dumb leading the blind, and that is precisely what we got here. Imagine watching the parade buses go by and seeing Kawhi partying up on them and up on the stage with the Larry Obrien Trophy, and then turning around seconds later and thinking he is out in the crowd. Not to mention this dude couldn’t be any taller than 5’10”, when Kawhi is like 6’7″. Overall, just a tough look for Canada on this one.

My only wish would be for more video on this. I would love to see how many people fell for this. We only get like 5 seconds of this, and I have a gut feeling that people figured out pretty quick that the scrawny 5’7″ kid is probably not Kawhi Leonard.

Or they just kept on believing it was Kawhi and eventually got tricked into thinking his buddy was Ryan Reynolds…

Probably the latter. Classic Canada.